December 11-12, 2021, Saturday-Sunday, 13:00 - 17:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) [Virtual]

Uncertainty Management in Power System Dynamics


Topics and Goals:

This CDC 2021 workshop will showcase the latest progress in the theory and applications of uncertainty management in power system dynamics. Its primary goal is to bring together a diverse set of researchers working across control theory, machine learning, power systems engineering and mathematics to demonstrate novel theoretical and computational methods for the analysis and control of power system dynamics under uncertainty, promote discussions with thought-provoking questions, and establish avenues for collaboration.


‪Michael (Misha) Chertkov‬ [The University of Arizona]
Abhishek Halder [University of California, Santa Cruz]
Mert Korkali [Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory]

Workshop Program

Time Speaker Title Links
12:50 -- 13:00 Organizers Opening Remarks
[Saturday, Dec. 11] Session 1: Uncertainty Management in Coupled Energy System Dynamics
13:00 -- 13:40 Line Roald Uncertainty Management in Interdependent Gas-Electric Infrastructures: Capturing the Benefits of Gas System Dynamics [Abstract] [Slides] [Recording]
13:40 -- 14:20 Bai Cui Network-Cognizant Time-Coupled Aggregate Flexibility of Distribution Systems Under Uncertainties [Abstract] [Slides] [Recording]
14:20 -- 14:40 Coffee Break
[Saturday, Dec. 11] Session 2: Uncertainties and Dynamic Performance of Power Systems
14:40 -- 15:20 Ian Hiskens Assessing the Effects of Uncertainty on the Dynamic Performance of Power Systems [Abstract] [Slides] [Recording]
15:20 -- 16:00 Daniel Adrian Maldonado Trajectory Sensitivities and Parametric Uncertainty in Power System Dynamics [Abstract] [Slides] [Recording]
16:00 -- 16:15 All Q&A and Discussions [Recording] [Text of the Zoom Chat]
[Sunday, Dec. 12] Session 3: Data-Driven Methods for Uncertainty Management in Power System Dynamics
13:00 -- 13:40 Linbin Huang Data-driven Control in Autonomous Energy Systems [Abstract] [Slides] [Recording]
13:40 -- 14:20 Michael Chertkov Measurement-Driven and Physics-Informed Monitoring and Control of Power Systems Dynamics [Abstract] [Slides] [Recording]
14:20 -- 15:00 Spyros Chatzivasileiadis Physics-Informed Neural Networks for Power Systems Dynamics [Abstract] [Slides] [Recording]
15:00 -- 15:20 Coffee Break
[Sunday, Dec. 12] Session 4: Stochastic Distributional Methods for Uncertainty Management in Power System Dynamics
15:20 -- 16:00 Amarsagar Reddy Ramapuram Matavalam Linear-Operator-based Data-Driven Approach for Uncertainty Propagation and Reachability Analysis in Power Systems [Abstract] [Slides] [Recording]
16:00 -- 16:40 Abhishek Halder Stochastic Uncertainty Propagation in Power System Dynamics using Measure-valued Proximal Recursions [Abstract] [Slides] [Recording]
16:40 -- 16:55 All Q&A and Discussions [Recording] [Text of the Zoom Chat]
16:55 -- 17:00 Organizers Closing Remarks and Adjourn